Shopping Center Solutions Serbia Corp. doo (SCSS CORP.) is a international company providing consultancy services in the Real Estate field.

Our company provides a full range of high quality services with the help of a team of experienced professionals. It covers all aspects of transactions, investments and management of individual and broad portfolio of real estate.

We provide services to individual clients and organizations in the public and private sectors to maximize real estate value.

The company has a unique combination of local and international experience. SCSS covers all aspects of real estate consulting, investment development and management, for both individual real estate and large real estate portfolios.

We emphasize that we have the largest network of associates (experts in several fields) in the domestic market. SCSS, with its expert team, covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia as well as the surrounding countries, which complements our operations with local experience and local market knowledge.

We have all the necessary domestic licenses as well as the MRICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) license, which enables us to do business in the surrounding countries as well.



Here you can download our Company Profile in PowerPoint.