Expert opinion

When disputes require expert services, we support legal firms on quantum and delay services

  • Early independent advice
  • Dispute settlement strategy
  • Alternative dispute resolution (expert witness)
  • Third party expert determination
  • Expert witness (report and testimony)
  • Delay, disruption and programming analysis
  • Forensic examination of variation accounts, ascertainment of delay and disruption entitlements
  • Opinion related to professional conduct and insurance matters
  • Opinion related to termination cases


  • How do I find the proven testifying expert with the requisite expertise?
  • Can an early insight be given as to the expert’s views?
  • How can the dispute be resolved through a better understanding of the issues?
  • How to receive trusted expert guidance, local market and sector knowledge with support in location?
  • How can I be sure of the position being taken by the project team?
  • How do I obtain credible professional advice that is consistent with real industry practice and norms?
  • How to find committed expertise that will be reliable through the timetable, during joint exchanges and at hearing?
  • How to receive clear presentation of detailed forensic analysis?
  • Being confident of the expert’s ability to present the report at the hearing stage?

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